Experiential Learning Report Form

ExperientialLearning Report Form

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[ ]I don’t have approval for this event. I didn’t think ahead or read pages 5-6 of the syllabus. I don’t even know why I’m filling this out because I’m not going to get credit for this.

3. Complete and submit this section within one weekafter attending an approved event.

Who was the speaker/person being interviewed?

Arianna Huffington

What did the speaker/person being interviewed have to say (4-5 sentence summary)?

Sleep deprivation has been seen to have direct relationship with ineffective leadership. Many individuals are literally deprived themselves of enough sleep because of work related or other personal issues causing them to lose on gains. Huffington explains in the video that sleep deficiencies normally end up undermining many forms of leadership techniques or behaviors eventually causing poor results in the working environment. In this regard, one can clearly see that there is a direct and dependent relationship between organizational efficiency and individual well being.

What was your personal reaction to what the person said (4-5 sentences)?

This video offers some benefits that come as a result of adequate sleep by any individual. The first major benefit is the fact that adequate sleep enhances the cognitive functions of an individual in that one becomes more creative and innovative. In this regard, one is more likely to acquire new insights that may prove beneficial to tasks at hand. Creative thinking has been known to happen during sleep leading to the ultimate success of any business or undertaking. Therefore, sleep is an important ingredient towards success realization in any leadership.

What new ideas did you learn (2-3 sentences)?

The brain has a specific part that controls all executive functions that includes problem solving, cognitive processes, organizing, reasoning, planning, inhibition and executive plans. Basically all these relates to functions that are held by leaders in any kind of organization or business. However, with little or deprived sleep, these specific brain parts are forced to deteriorate as they cannot cope well

What things might you do differently now based on what you’ve learned (2-3 sentences)?

As explained in the video, it is important to get adequate sleep everyday for enhanced productivity. This is because anyone any experiencing poor sleep is more likely to be unproductive in the working environment.

Pleasesave with your name and the event date as follows: if the eventwasJune 9, 2016, and your name was Beth Bellman, you would save yourfile as “Bellman_Beth_2016.06.09.doc” (without the quotes). Thenupload it in the ICON Dropbox “Experiential Learning ReportSubmissions.”