Evaluation Essay

The topic for evaluation is“graphic organizer”. Graphic organizers are an important tool foreffective learning through organizing contexts and ideas, whichenables learners to comprehend newly acquired information. Itconforms to Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence, whichhypothesizes that students are better off at the time when they learnas well as internalize by the use of more than one learning tool thatis employed in the instructional strategy. One way to expand the useof graphic organizers is to apply it in adult learning.

The secondary source underconsideration is an article by Robinson and the Kiewra (2011). Theauthors carried out an experiment the in which they “compared thelearning outcomes of students who used graphic organizers”(Robinson and Kiewra 455). The control group was students who usedoutlines and text alone. The authors state that, “Given time,students studying graphic organizers learned more hierarchical andcoordinate relations, and as a result, they were more successful inapplying that knowledge and in writing integrated essays thanstudents studying outlines or text alone,” [455].

The choice of this topic ismotivated by the different learning conditions presented by a modernclassroom. The conditions require strategy-based instruction.Strategy-based instruction is implemented through various teachingstrategies and learning tools that can make students be moresuccessful learners. They should also be integrated into classroomexperiences so that students can effectively absorb new informationin learning. Graphic organizers meet these conditions because theycreate strong visual pictures that enable them to literally seeconnections and relationships between facts, information, and terms.

The findings of the authors areagreeable. Indeed, students using graphic organizers to learn havebeen found by many authors as always better than those using othermethods in to learn different concepts.

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