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Reasoning in the Inaugural Address

Following the review of the inaugural addressesof FDR, JFK, and Barrack Obama, the paper takes the initiative toform an analysis of the three speeches with regard to their specificand general purposes. In addition, the paper identifies the types ofreasoning used in specific claims to achieve the purposes of eachspeech (Charteris-Black,2014).&nbsp

FDR Speech

Ideally,FDR’s speech was very important to the American people at the time.The general purpose of his speech was to recognize the political,social, economic, and environmental issues faced by the United Statesfollowing the occurrence of the great depression. With that said, thespecific purpose of the speech was to provide a solution for thecurrent economic crisis. Hence, the speech focused on providing hope,eliminating fear, and creating an atmosphere of trust between theAmerican people and their leaders (Charteris-Black,2014).&nbsp

The claim in the inaugural speech is that thecountries rulers have failed to lead its supporters. The supportingmaterial is evident in the failure of the stock market, the overallmarket crash brought about by high prices, and not enough buyers forthe countries produce.

The type of reasoning used to justify the claimis that people in charge of the stock markets, owners ofmultinationals, and employers have fooled the public that the marketis stable. The president uses the supporting material to make hisclaim by stating that the country should learn from the mistakes madein the past to solve the current issues. He makes the inference ofcreating outdated policies to suit the agricultural industry asopposed to creating policies to reflect on the industrialized nation(Charteris-Black,2014).&nbsp

JFKs Speech

According to JFKs Speech, the United States isin a new era, which is different from that of the founding fathers.The country has inherited laws and traditions, which are notrelatable to the current times. The general purpose of the speech isto inform America’s friends/allies and foes that the country willstand firm in order to achieve its dreams. The specific purpose is torally the country of hopefuls with the aim of building a greatercountry. This includes providing jobs, housing, social security, andeconomic security (Charteris-Black,2014).&nbsp

The claim in the inaugural speech is that theUnited States is ready to offer its alliance to countries that wantto collaborate with the nation to attain peace. The supportingmaterial can be seen in the lack of hope that the people of theUnited States have with the government. The type of reasoning tosupport the claim is that the people have lost confidence in theirleaders. In turn, there is frustration and lack of trust amongstbrothers and sisters. The president uses supporting material such asextensive poverty, high rate of insecurity, lack of employment, andlack of substantial development in the economy. He further statesthat the United States must adapt a sense of unity and collaborationin order to eradicate these issues. He makes the inference byreminding his listeners of the importance of hard work anddetermination given that this is what the success of the country isbuilt on. Therefore, if Americans learn to reinforce these values intheir daily routine, they can attain the success and freedom that thecountry once enjoyed. The president achieves his purpose by making apromise to his listeners of the change to come in the future.

Barrack Obama’s Speech

Thegeneral purpose of Obama’s speech is to unite Americans against thecurrent issues that the country was experiencing in the 21stcentury. At the time, the country was facing turmoil owing toextensive terrorism, expensive educational and health costs. Thespecific purpose of the speech was to unite the country in order toreduce the rising rate of hatred brought about by conflict concerningreligion, poverty, and racism (Charteris-Black,2014).&nbsp

The claim in the inaugural speech is that thecountry is in a desperate state whereby every citizen has needs thathave to be met. Hence, the speech promises the listeners that thegovernment will meet each of the needs of the citizens. The type ofsupport used to justify the claim is that the nation is facing aneconomic crisis owing to its damaged relationships with other nationsand within the country. As such, the regime intends to provide hopeand meet the empty promises that the country has met over the years.The president makes the inference of the past regimes, which makepromises of providing peace, yet the country faces higher rates ofpoverty, war, and uncertainty (Charteris-Black,2014).&nbsp

To conclude, the three speeches are convincinggiven that the speakers use general and specific purpose of thespeech. This is essential in understanding the claims, which areinferred in the claims. As such, all speeches manage to pass thestrong messages to the listeners who all have the same expectationsfrom the presidents and for the country as a whole.


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