Effective Speech Writing Farewell to Baseball


EffectiveSpeech Writing: Farewell to Baseball

Farewellto Baseball

Valuesexpressed in the Body

Thefarewell address to baseball is a short speech that was aimed atbaseball fans to debate his great career and life. The body of thespeech is personal since Lou Gehrig has been diagnosed with ALS orrather Lou Gehrig’s disease. In the speech, he sums up his careerin a speech. He shows his humility in that he had gotten a chance toplay baseball with great individuals through the use of gratefullanguage for his associates and teammates. He also uses a reassuringlanguage for the fans of baseball who got worried about his disease.The speech is still referred today. Gehrigstated that a family is the most important aspect of someone’slife. Thus, family values are equally imperative.


Thespeech is organized in a way that it grabs the attention of theaudience. Three organizational patterns are evident in this speech.The speech is a topic, spatial and chronological. He introduces thetopic as a farewell address to baseball. The speech is chronologicalmeaning that it can trace the development of the problem. The speechis a ceremonial one where Lou Gehrig chronologically speaks about thesubject of the very many friends he had during his career. Hecontinually showed gratitude by claiming that he had the bestbaseball manager when he is remembered with trophies when his parentsworked their lives to enable him build his body and get an educationand to his wife who gave her courage and strength to overcome thechallenges of life. This speech can be referred to as short,extemporaneous and recounts on organizational patterns of speechwithout accounting for opportunities and constraints from theelements that the speaker used to bring the speech into a contextthat minimized the exigency.

Functionsof the conclusion and introduction

Thespeaker presents a short introduction and conclusion. Theintroduction is an attention getter since the speaker introduces theissue that had been on the news. Here, the attention of the audienceis grasped. Then, the author introduces the topic as a farewellspeech. The introduction is relevant and credible since the issuethat has been affecting him is the aspect of having ALS disease. Heindicates that that battling the disease would somewhat be tough, yetit wouldn`t prevent him to continue his career. The introduction iscredible since the audience could not come to terms with this sincehe was regarded as a hero. Conclusion acts as a transition to thesummary. The speaker made a closing statement that surrounded hisfamily. The family ideals are something that had become important inAmerica as a result of war and the great depression. Gehrig concludedby stating that a family is the most important aspect of someone`slife and the audience connected to this through their experiences.

Managementof Resources and Constraints

Inthis rhetoric situation, the speaker is presented with resources andconstraints since he was compelled to speak given rules of suchoccasions and he was in uniform where his fans were used to see him.Such opportunity needed formal ceremonial speech reflecting theshared community values. The audience was expecting a short,respectful and graceful speech of the common values that would attendto their emotions but not surpass the baseball game. Hisdetermination and intelligence sustained him throughout the speech.He spoke to eliminate the emotional feeling registered by thespeaker. The speech derived its resources and contained theconstraints of the rhetoric situation elements to achieve theintended purpose.


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