Does social media enhances or hinder interpersonal relationship

Doessocial media enhances or hinder interpersonal relationship

Doessocial media enhances or hinder interpersonal relationship

Socialmedia leads to the increased interpersonal relationships through avariety of ways. By social media, we mean the technologicaladvancement that is used to propagate information from one place tothe other. These social media includes televisions, radio, andchatting media like Facebook, WhatsApp and messaging. Theinterpersonal relationship includes refers to the state of meetingand mutual understanding among people with same or diversecharacteristics.

Socialmedia provides the platform through which various people interactsthus promoting interpersonal relationship. Through social media likeFacebook many people through mutual understand tend to interact eventhough they don’t know each other and are at different places.

Bycontributing towards on point that is affecting many people like forexample in television where various groups of people are called tohelp in addressing a certain issue, they mostly have to share some ofthe ideas and this is the beginning of the interpersonalrelationships. They know each other first during that short period oftime and the relationship progresses with time. It is then followedby further interaction through another means like messaging andWhatsApp. They understand each other and through this communicationthey relationship is further enhanced. Of great importance is thefact that once one knows one person outsides they tend to havefurther interpersonal relationship with most of the people in therelation to the person like the family members of the person, thefriend and even relatives. This, therefore, shows how the socialmedia tend to increase the interpersonal relationship between variouspeople.

Socialmedia bridges a geographical barrier between people who are farapart. Those who knows each other and maybe by bad luck had to shifttheir position and become somehow distant finds a chance throughsocial media like WhatsApp and Facebook to reconnect with each otherand thus causing an increase in their relationship. Social mediaincreases interpersonal relationship by facilitating thecommunication between people who are not well familiar with eachother. They find an opportunity to share what they don’t know abouteach other and thus the bond between the two becomes increasinglystrong. This is evident like in the situation of dating throughsocial media platforms.

Contrary,social media hinders the interpersonal relationship through variousways. By hindering the interpersonal relationship it entails the actin which social media does to impair the free and mutualunderstanding among different people.

Throughsocial media, news undermining a certain group of people by the othermay bring hatred among them to the extent they can no longer talk toeach other. Social media is a source of most of the information andnews that we receive it sometimes presents some group of peopleundermining the other group. This causes the group undermined tobuild up hate to them and this impairs interaction between them. Thehate causes the two parties to disagree and even reach a point wherethey cannot talk to each other at all due to the hate they have foreach other. Social media through forms of news broadcast exposesthose bringing about injustice or those who are a source of youproblem exposed. This makes one have a negative attitude towards themand they cannot talk at all. This, therefore, shows the ways in whichsocial media can bring about hindering the interpersonalrelationship.

Networkinstability and finance greatly affect the interpersonal relation.When proper communication gets unclear due to lack of network betweentwo people there will be no communication at all. This causes theaffected people to have no communication thus leading a degeneratinginterpersonal communication.

Thereforesocial media components presenting a certain group of people negativeas expressed by the other group makes these two parties not at peacewith each other an aspect that will greatly jeopardize theinterpersonal relationship.

Aspresented and explained above the fact that the social media bringabout enhancement in the interpersonal relationship is due to themutual understanding among each other despite them being far fromeach other. These social media platforms serve to bridge thegeographical distance leading to each having free sharing of ideas inwith each other. Social media by jeopardizing with the one sidecontributes to hindering of the effective interaction between theparties. Network imbalance also causes the interaction to beimpaired.

Asseen on social media promotes interpersonal relationship. This isbecause even though social media somehow hinders it, the factorspromoting the interpersonal relationship are far much higher. Thesocial platform leads to the high network if interaction even withthose one does not know but with times they become aware of eachother fully. Social media also makes those who are far to maintaintheir relationship. Those who have not seen each other find anopportunity to do meet up. Therefore for an effective interpersonalrelationship to be executed social media should be integrated as itprovides a large area of interaction.


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