Thespeech analyzed features Hillary Clinton’s sentiments in NewHampshire after she lost to Bernie Sanders. There were a series ofevents during that day, and the candidates were expected to delivertheir speeches at the end of the voting. During the first day of theevent in Derry, Hilary was introduced by a couple, who were theformer congresswoman Gabby Giffords and her husband, Mark Kelly. Hermodel of speech delivery was memorized and focused on the crucialissues.

Clintonhas addressed a myriad of issues in her speeches, and her choice ofthe method of delivery has remained similar in most campaigns. Someof Clinton’s speeches on several campaigns have been associatedwith individual quotes and phrases. In most speeches that shedelivered, certain words were familiar. Therefore, she exercised thememorized style of delivery.

Someparts of the message that she delivered were always woven into everyspeech. The message was always brief and to the point. It drew theattention of the listeners and enabled them to get the messageclearly. Clinton`s speech to the people of New Hampshire allowed herto keep in touch with the audience (ABC News). The tactic used byHillary is very helpful since the candidate is fully aware of thereaction of the audience. Some speeches can be boring to divert theattention of the listeners. Therefore, it is essential for thespeaker to keep in touch with the audience.

Thememorized style of delivery used by Clinton made it seem as if shewas speaking directly to the public. The style does not require theorator to read from notes or any other source. One must have a goodmemory in order to deliver the appropriate message. Clinton seemsgood at using the style and has found it advantageous in most of hercampaigns and interviews. She maintained an eye contact with membersof the audience from a particular section for some time, then after awhile shifted the eye contact to another section. She has performedbetter than other speakers who read from a manuscript. It is rare fora person reading from a document to stay in touch with the audience.The more eye contact one has with the audience, the better the speech(Goffman 21).

Aneffective voice is regarded as essential to every candidate andshould be employed during the speech delivery. One has to be loudenough to be heard by everyone. Clinton’s speech was heard easilyby her listeners. The audience captured every message of her speechapparently. It is because she varied her pitch and tone in a way thatmade her not sound monotonous.

Theaudience usually gathers enough information from the facialexpression of the speaker. It means that when one`s facial expressionand the words he/she speaks are in conflict, the listeners will notbelieve the speaker. It is vital for the speaker to match his/herfacial expressions with the ideas expressed. Clinton employed thistactic, and her delivery style was excellent. Her gestures with theaudience came naturally. There were no incidences in her speech withhitches. Wherever she was delivering a real message, she alwaysaccompanied it with a smile.

Inconclusion, the delivery style of Clinton’s speech has proved to besignificant in her campaigns. She employed several techniques whichensured that her address of several issues was sufficient.


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