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Fromthe blog, the message that is being conveyed is tips of changing thebusiness dreams and making it become a reality using blogs. Itoutlines the different blogs that business people can use to expandtheir businesses. The audience is for the professionals who want toguide on different ways to start a business and young business peoplewho have business ideas and do not know how to turn them intobusiness reality. The users of this site are business minded peoplewho are seeking ideas how to expand their businesses or change theirbusiness ideas into reality using blogging as a media.

Theperson`s ethical system can be classified in different ways. Theethical code of the blogger is to grow the business. The personbelieves in social media as a way of getting information on growing abusiness. The content is not only informative but also motivationalwhile at the same time being concise and straightforward. The bloggerhas ethics that enables her to maintain and define acceptablebehavior in her blog. Lastly, the blogger offers acceptable businessideas that are practical in nature.

Thecontent enhances the person in different ways. First, the blog iswell written using simple language that makes the audience to receivethe message. For instance, the person uses examples of differententrepreneurs and how they can use blogging as a channel of enhancingtheir business. The blog further enhances the person because sheblogs with good content. Furthermore, through the blog, the authorhas managed to build a good audience through social comments,interaction, and sharing. Moreover, because the blogger has built theright content, it is possible for her to target the right socialmedia. Therefore, it is evident that the blog enhances the author indifferent ways as a business blogger.

Thereare different ways in which the message that is being improvedthrough this media can be improved. The blogger could have usedpictures or images to illustrate further the message. Consequently,use of pictures could have made the blog attractive. Furthermore, theblogger could have focused on one item at a time, for example,targeting the social media using blogging. This would enable readersto grasp the presented information more easily. This is becausebusiness starters have so many things on their minds hence, do notconsider use of blogs as a way of expanding their business. Gunelius(2012) emphasizes the importance of conducting research beforewriting a blog. A well researched blog is not only informative butalso unique in terms of design and content. Additionally, researchenables the author to be aware of the lacking information in thefield and hence assists in making the blog not only different butalso better.

Inconclusion, it would be recommendable for the blogger not only to usebut also implement categories. This would enable the readers tocontinue visiting the blog through links from other relevant sites orsearch. This is because clear navigation enables the readers tocontinuously browse the site. Therefore, the blogger could haveconsidered adding categories for clarity purposes.


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