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Nolaw in the world has legalized the mass killings of innocent peoplethrough bombing. There are several reasons why Hiroshima was theprimary target for the US in 1945 and not any other cities in Japan.The US started in spring 1945 carrying out the target areas for theatomic bomb. In its process of ensuring the impact of the atomicbombing could be precisely noticed, the potential targets were urbanareas with at least the diameter of 4.8 miles. On July 1945, therewas an issuance of an order for the first bomb to be targeting one ofthe following cities: Kokura, Niigata, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki. Theessay is going to discuss some of the reasons for Hiroshima being thebest place for the atomic bombing and not the other cities.

Itwas necessary to bomb Hiroshima because it never had the Alliedprisoner-of-war camps. During the World War II, soldiers werecaptured and arrested in the camps of the armed forces of theirenemies. Due to this, the US never wanted to carry out an operationthat had some elements of risk. According to the study that was doneby the US Security Forces through the radar system in December 1944,they never seized any prisoner-of-war camp in Hiroshima. Such studyintrigues me so much as the US never wanted to kill the innocentpeople, the soldiers who were detained by the Japanese Armed Forces.Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, had already been demolished, andmost of the prisoners were killed in that operation. Kyoto was alsoon the list of the cities to be bombed, but it was removed by theSecretary of War, Henry Stimson, who claimed that he spend hishoneymoon there, and the place had many innocent people (Hertel&amp Malcolm, 2015).

Hiroshimawas preferred to Tokyo because of the weather conditions andpopulation. The US Meteorological Department depicted that for thesix seasons there were no two successful good days for visual bombingover Tokyo. Since the US wanted to rescue the prisoners of war, theirfast operation declined the dropping of the atomic bomb in Tokyo Cityas their communication through the radar system, and the satellitewas not clear. The Hiroshima bombing was the best target to mebecause the US armed forces were aware of what they were going todoing and the scope of their operation. Although the situation turnedout to be fatal and disastrous to innocent people, it was accuratelydone to affect the specific portion of Japan instead of the wholenation. The US had the power of bringing the whole of Japan down, butdue to the Hiroshima bombing, it found it necessary to not destroyother parts. If the Hiroshima tragedy had not been fatal, the USwould have gone ahead to bomb the other targets and cause morekillings and destruction (Poolos,2008).

Itwas necessary to bomb Hiroshima and not any other place because ofits population and the economic development. The population ofHiroshima in 1944 was estimated to be less than six hundred thousandpeople, the region that has the least number of the Japanesecitizens. Such region had the largest army camp where most of thearsenals were manufactured and stored. It was also the place wherethe underground tanks of oil were hidden to be used during theeruption of any war. Moreover, Hiroshima was not economicallydeveloped, the reason for the sparse population. Due to this, the USarmed force deemed Hiroshima the best selection. In my view, it wasnecessary to bomb such area because of the two reasons: theprobability of killing less innocent people was high, and the areawas less developed. The killing of innocent people would have takenplace in the other places of the target due to their highpopulations. For example, Niigata had the population of more than twomillion. Kokura’s population was estimated to be more than two anda half million. Though Nagasaki was later bombed, had less than onemillion people. Although the US Air Forces never expected suchbombing effect to be felt by the Japanese for a long time, theHiroshima tragedy was necessary as it aimed at saving innocent livesand killing the Japanese armed forces (Maclear,2009).


TheJapanese people up to now feel Hiroshima’s bombing effect. However,the US intention was not to subject the whole country into suchcatastrophic incidence. Its intention was to take out their soldierswho were detained by the Japanese soldiers in their camps, but itturned out to be a fatal operation. Several cities were targeted bythe US, but due to some reasons whereby weather and population weresome of them, Hiroshima became the best target. Such reasons compelme to stand on my side and say that it was necessary for the US tobomb Hiroshima than any other place because of the killings if theinnocent people.


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