Descriptive Paragraph “Seeing Politics”

DescriptiveParagraph: “Seeing Politics”

Theimages provided are retrieved from LightBox on the Time Magazinewebsite. In each picture, there is a level of technique filteredbringing to life something that makes it peculiar from other imagesas well as explaining a completely different scenario through varioustimes and seasons. I will pick the picture titled, “SEEINGPOLITICS, Meet Bernie Sanders’ Official Campaign Photographer.”The picture probably the finest in the existence of Bernie Sanders’official campaigns conveys more than it seems. At a first glance, itappears to be nothing apart from a crowd of people with oneindividual in their midst on a raised platform. The background islittered with dim lights of various colors beaming lights on thehappy faces of the audience at intervals. At any point, the lightbeams the crowd is charged overwhelmingly. At the right corner, thereis a bright light showered in purple colors. This is replicated onthe left corner, making the whole background appear the same. Thissymbolizes calmness, stability, and peace. The crowd is surely notanything short of this. Bernie Sanders plants himself in the midst ofthis crowd on a raised platform, dressed in a sky blue suit, andstanding upright with his right hand raised, a representation ofauthority. His graying hair summarizes his wisdom and the brightlights beaming on him speaks of the brighter future of the Americanpeople under his watch. The buzzing sounds from the backgroundsignify the sound of change, assuring him the support of the crowd.The lights from the roof star through the crowd in amazement and onSanders in solidarity. The room is charged enough to provide arefreshing aroma for the mammoth rally. This is a taste of arevolutionary leader. The photographer offers the audience a taste ofwhat it would be like with Sanders as the president.


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