Dear Sir,


Iwould like to express my hope that your day is going on fine andthank you for your dedication towards our academic success. I alsowant to thank you for giving me a chance to explain my side of storyin regards to examination dishonesty. As stipulated in the school’sacademic disciplinary context, cheating is a serious crime. It is myknowledge that you are preparing us towards having a successfulcareer that is defined by high ethical standards upon completion ofcollege education. In this regard, I wish to state that I did notintentionally or non-intentionally check any examination detailsduring my course.

Asan international student from China, I am very honest based on ourculture. In addition, I am very wary of the strict disciplinarymeasures of academic dishonesty. For this reason, I have alwayslimited my classroom communication during and within examinationperiods. I can understand why my scores have raised concerns fromyour end. I wish to state with all honesty that I am a veryhardworking international student and I take my academic workseriously. It is for this reason that I have demonstrated thisthrough my performance.

Sir,please know that my case is pure coincidence. You might have raisedsuspicion after I submitted my exams before deadline with other twostudents. Kindly please note that I do not know the other twostudents and I cannot remember who they were. It is for this reasonthat I highly believe that it was a mere coincidence and a situationthat is complex to explain. During this entire course I have learntthe importance of citation in academic work. I do try as much aspossible to cite my external sources within my academic work in aneffort of giving credit where it is due.

Kindlyconsider my explanation and accept my view of the situation, Sir. Iam an honest, hardworking and responsible international student.