Creating a Mean Girls classical


Creatinga MeanGirlsclassical

Creatinga MeanGirlsclassical

Femaleaudiences are more likely to go for classical movies than in men. Forthis reason, the ideal movie that could do better if it was turnedinto a classical is the movie “MeanGirls”.This movie has made hits around the globe with most audiences beingfemale. There is less risk in financial investments because thebranding of the movie has already taken place starring Hollywoodfinest such as Tina Fey and Lindsay Lohan (Movies, 2016). There aremore people who have already heard about it, which guarantee readyaudience. In the past decade, “MeanGirls”has recorded a high audience score, the highest number being femaleaudience around the globe (Movies, 2016). They would be more likelyto enjoy it more, if it was made into a Broadway musical.

Themovie could incorporate music hits from female artists who wouldboost the ratings even more. Taylor Swift’s “Shakeit off”and Beyonce’s “WeRun The World”are some of the most favorite tunes for the female audience. In thisregard, it is important to sketch and develop a few more melodies inbetween the casts include these melodies in the rhythm dictionary. Inthe movie “MeanGirls”,it is very easy to create a coherent continuation and series ofrhythms as the story already exists. However, when developing theserhythmic adaptations in the movie, one not needs to worry aboutoriginality. Famous songs can be adapted from Tailor Swift or Beyoncethat easily adapts to a specific setting of the story.

Inaddition, the movie could do even better if it starred some actresseswho are also top rated musicians such as Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez.However, it is important for the movie to have minimum choreographyso as not to overshadow the storyline of the movie itself.


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