Consider the Lobster

Considerthe Lobster

Themain purpose of the article “Considerthe Lobster”is to show how lobsters have been mainly used by humans for amusementat the expense of their painful death. In a descriptive language, thewriter tries to show the pain that a lobster goes through as humanstry to quench their appetite for this sea protein.

Thewriter shows how lobsters are very sensitive to slight temperaturesone can imagine what the lobster is subjected to, as it is cookedalive. Also, the writer describes the event at the Maine LobsterFestival, cooking and eating of lobster, and the pain that lobster gothrough in a vivid way such that you can feel the experience thewriter is trying to portray.

Thiselement makes the essay very catchy since it is well described thereis an elegant use of descriptive language patterns. The language usedis very detailed and specific for instance, the use of words such asthe enormous and pungent at the beginning of the essay gives thereader a vivid picture of the place where the Maine Lobster Festival(MLF) is held (Wallace, 2004).

Theuse of descriptive language pattern in the essay, also gives a clearimagination to the reader. The way the writer describes theexcruciating pain that the lobster goes through in boiling water asit clings to the walls of the kettle trying to escape, makes thereader have a well imagined painful death experience of a lobster(Wallace, 2004). The writer not only sends a message, but allows thereader to experience it.

Inmy personal essay, I will use more of descriptive language pattern,because it can incorporate all my ideas well and help me to involvethe readers in my story it gives a visual image of what I will bedescribing. Thus, it will help me stir the reader’s emotions.


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