Comparison and Contrast between Microsoft and Apple

Comparisonand Contrast between Microsoft and Apple

Inthis paper, I am going to bring out the similarities and differencesbetween Microsoft and Apple. It is evident that rivalry is themother of innovations in the contemporary world. The rivalry betweenMicrosoft and Apple to dominate the technological industry andmarkets has seen major developments in the industry. Theirachievements have been tremendous in the past years, and in 2012,according to the Fortune list, Apple was perched at position 17 whileMicrosoft was at 37 (Noga 20). Many people tend to think that the twocompanies are one and the same thing. However, computer addictsappreciate the fact that both companies provide softwareapplications. They are the two most established companies as far asthe production of computers is concerned. Apple Incorporated wasinitially known as Apple computer Incorporated mainly focuses on theproduction and designing of electronics like Smartphone whileMicrosoft develops, produces licenses, and supports softwareapplications for computers (Noga 22).


Oneof the similarities between the two companies is based on theirfounders they are both founded on the ideas of genius self-motivatedbusinessmen. Co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates is a respected manglobally for achieving his dream of putting computers on billions ofdesks, and also as a philanthropist. Steve Jobs, the co-founder ofApple, is also an astute businessman and an open-minded genius.Generally, both portray exemplary entrepreneurial skills. They haveboth been ranked as the most influential people globally, between2004 and 2010 (Noga 26).

Anothersimilarity between the two is the production of media players, whichare portable, and Smartphone. For instance, when Microsoftmanufactured Microsoft Zune High Definition, Apple countered byproducing iPod Touch (Noga, 30). Both devices came along with astorage ability of 30GB, a space that could store up to 7000 audios.In addition, they both have support systems for MP4 and MP3. The twocompanies also manufacture specific brands of phones. For instance,Microsoft has the famous Window phone while Apple has iPhone. Tocater for their clients and to enable them access these items, theyhave both set up parallel stores. The branded stores, like theWindow Phone Store and the iTunes Store, for Microsoft and Applerespectively are all stocked with their applications.

Bothcompanies have Tablet devices (Noga 35) as Apple manufactures iPad,Microsoft produces Surface. Though there are evident differencesbetween the tools, the similarities between the two cannot be facedout. They are both designed with a touch screen, they are of the samethickness, both were secretly unveiled, and they both fall in thepremium group in the tablet souk. Ideally, Surface was produced tocreate competition in the tablet market that was almost dominated byiPad.

Anothersimilarity, as I pointed above, is the existence of retail stores forboth companies. However, this may surprise many as Microsoft has lessthan 20 stores while Apple has more than 200 (Noga 40). However, thesettings within the stores are almost the same. The stores haveprofessionals who offer directions, technical training, and softwaresupport to the clients.


Inthe electronic sector, Apple is well known for designing personalcomputers and entertainment devices like iPod. The products have gonethrough a series of advancement to meet the needs of the consumers.In the contrary, Microsoft is known in relation to its operatingsystems and applications, like windows and the office. Apple has alsoventured in software and boasts of producing iLife and the famousmultimedia software (Noga 42).

Thetwo, further, have different strategies to break into the marketplace(Noga 45). Microsoft tends to be radical and use force to enter themarket. For instance, they will run on any new idea within themarket, acquire it, and create dominance using it. On the other hand,Apple will nurture its own ideas from incubation to maturity. Applewill look at the needs of the market forces, identify an idea that isnot exploited, and sell it to the people to address the market needs. Its major goal is to make profits regardless of the product it has,unlike Microsoft who are more interested in domination withoutconsidering whether they will make profits or not. Microsoft runs onthe assumption that for any future-oriented company, dominating themarket is a fundamental factor.

Interms of marketing, specifically internet features, Apple strategy isthe minimalist (Noga 49). The company cuts down to minimum assertingthat the clients have limited time and are unable to dig deep intothe internet in search for options. On the other hand, the marketingstrategy gives a client a variety of options. According to them, theclient will always spend his time looking for the best choice. Thewizards within the entity will always offer guidance to the consumerson how to make a choice. This strategy has been used by critics tobring out the target of customers for both companies.


Fromthe discussion, it is clear that there are similarities anddifferences between the two companies. Nevertheless, due to theircompeting nature, the differences outweigh the similarities as eachcompany struggles to outsmart the other.


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