Community Health


Question 1

Healthcare should be a right to every person rather than a privilege.There should be no policies that prevent a given segment of peoplefrom accessing the health services that they may be in need of.Therefore, health insurance coverage should not only be obtained byonly a certain class of people but all. There should be nodiscrimination of people in terms of ethnicity, rich or poor itshould be their right to health care as it is a human right.

Question 2

The United States health care system faces various issues. Theyinclude, the inability of the health system to promote the health andthe prevention measures and services to the level that it should,discrimination during the offering of health care services, while thestate budget has been cut, the medical costs have been rising and asa result 70% more is paid by American for drug prescriptions.

Question 3

Other Countries healthcare is highly addressed with concern. InBritain, healthcare is accessed free to citizens by the NHS, the costis addressed to make sure that the public get equal access to healthservices in Canada. To cover the cost, funds are collected fromvarious tax cooperates. In japan as well, the universal healthinsurance system ensures provision of cheap services to allow peopleto access them.

Question 4

The Affordable Health Care Act is a kind of health insurance policythat is in a form of contract between the government and the generalpublic. This Act was signed into law so that the Americans could gethealth services which will be covered by the government or privateorganization that is under the same contract provided the citizenspay premiums to the organization. The Act will enable many people getaccess to the health services and as a result prolong their lives.