Class Journal


: Chapter 13-16

Over the course of the semester I have gained alot of knowledge on the topic of justice administration through thelectures and course book. Chapter 13 entailed the ethicalconsiderations in justice administration. I have learnt the differenttypes of ethics such as deontological, absolute and relative ethicsand how ethics affects the daily operations of administering justice(Peak, 2015). Ethical issues surface in the work of police, judges,lawyers, prosecutors and correctional officers in their duties. Toensure justice to people law enforcers and justice administratorsmust shun from corrupt ways such as receiving gratuities and giftsand follow the law.

In chapter 14, I learnt about specialchallenges affecting justice administration touching on laborrelations, liability and discipline (Peak, 2015). Shared governancethrough collective bargaining improves employer-employee workingrelationship. Methods of solving employer-employee disputes are welldemonstrated and include negotiation, mediation, fact finding,arbitration and job actions if the employees feel obliged to do so.Chain of command should be followed when reporting grievances toallow peaceful dispute resolution. I also learnt on police civilliability, their duty to care, lawsuits involving them andinvestigative processes followed to determine their liability.

In chapter 15, I learnt about financialadministration. I learnt on the history of police budgets and jobsecurity especially during the great recession. I gained knowledge onbudget making process which includes formulation, approval, executionand audit (Peak, 2015). Various budget formats used in the worldtoday were also well explained. They included line-item budget,performance budget and program budget format. I also learnt about thecommon costs and financial waste issues and how to curb them.

Chapter 16 gave a detailed account ontechnologies and tools used in justice administration to manage thelarge amount of data generated and other security issues (Peak,2015). Various new technologies such as cloud computing have helpedin virtual storage of data that can be accessed from anywhere in theworld. New policing technologies were also covered such as the use ofartificial intelligence cameras drowns full body scanningsimulated training programs robotics use of Smartphone plasticguns and telemedicine. More importantly, I have obtained importantinformation relating to justice administration to prepare me for thefuture of my career.


Peak, K. J. (2015). Justiceadministration: Police, courts, and corrections management.Upper Saddle River:Prentice Hall