Class discussions


PartA: Article on ethics in journalism

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Thisarticle discusses the importance of diversifying newsrooms withjournalists from different races. This is an important step towardsdiversifying coverage of events and issues that are ethnic or racebased (Doll 1). In addition, it is seen as a positive step towardsfull representation of all communities that ensures all of them aregiven a voice in the mainstream dialogues. However, while this isseen as a positive step towards inclusivity, there is the problem inthe logistics (Doll 1). In this case, hiring diverse journals fromdifferent communities in the newsroom is not merely enough.

Thereexists a problem of content coverage, as those particular journalistsmay want to cover completely different topics that are not ethnic orracial based as intended. This particular discussion relates with theclass topics that we have covered in regards to ethics in journalism.The main intention of diversifying the newsroom is to give everyperson an opportunity in the journalism career. This is despite one’sracial or ethnic affiliation, which is considered non-important.While trying to bring about equality which is a code of ethics injournalism, there is a need to let individual journalists work ontheir preferred niche.

PartB: Disaster behavior


Whatdetermines the action taken by a person is his personality and thespeed at which his or her mind plans the next course of action. Incase of disasters, Ripley states that there is usually something thathappens in the brains of the victims. This is a three-stage process,which determiners in the long run how one thinks or does. The actionof the brain determines which category a person fall into.


Thosepeople who are more likely to survive disasters are the ones who taketime to understand their personalities before disasters. This isbecause they know what to do when ins such situations. In thisregard, one is more likely to expunge some unknown information fromowns imagination and acquire secrets about oneself.


Whenevacuating a disaster, I would try and understand my personality thattakes control when disasters happen. This is because it is actuallythe core of my being and it has the power of controlling the brain towork fast and smart. This process has been explained by Ripley as thesurvival arc.


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