Childhood Obesity and its Related Complications



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Topic: Childhood Obesity and its Relation Complications

Thesis Statement: Childhood Obesity brings about formidablehealth complications like cardiovascular and diabetes diseases.

Childhood overweight along with health complications brought by itmight be avoided in the US. Overweight is connected to bad long-termcomplications and in case is not avoided could decrease lifespan(Okie, 2005). Since evidence is required in every research (Auger etal, 2014)), in this article, I will show evidence of my thesis frompast studies in form of an annotated bibliography.

Obesity and Diabetes in the Developing World – A Growing Challenge-NEJM. (2007). Retrieved June 23, 2016, from

The article concerns the way hypertension and diabetes is increasinginside Western world and its link to excessive weight increase anddeath threatening ailments. It assists to provide information infavor of my study to outlines facts about the number of individualswho are obese as well as the way cases will carry on increasing ifchanges are not implemented. The 2nd phrase of this pieceof writing (p. 213) reads:

About 18 million people die every year from cardiovasculardisease.”

This phrase assist communities understand the number of people theylose as a result of obesity and comprehend the danger obesity bringsto them. It shows how obesity might result in early death ifavoidance is not made. This article helps individuals be informedthat cardiovascular diseases are associated with diabetes andhypertension, which is brought about by obesity. Other informationfrom this article is that ninety percent of persons, who havediabetes type 2, are connected to.

Major topics in this article comprised: “Cardiovascular ailments,Diabetes, Hypertension, Childhood Obesity, plus Built Setting.” Thearticle concludes that training healthy routines at youthful ages issignificant because change turn out to be more intricate as ageincreases. Behaviors including bodily exercise and diet arecornerstones of avoiding obesity for children along with youngpeople. Schools and family units are the mainly important links forgiving the direction to such behaviors. This resource will be veryconstructive for my research in discussing means to avoid childobesity, as it have detailed information on thwarting obesity.

Bloomgarden, Z. (2004). Type 2 Diabetes in the Young.Vol. 27. Number 4. New York: New York. Print.

Diabetes type 2 in infants refers to an ailment caused by inactivelifestyles which lead to weight increase. This editorial discussesgenetics, absence of bodily activity in infancy and puberty stagesfactors that facilitate the presence of this ailment. Bloomgarden(2004) explains that the evolvement diabetes takes place afterinsulin production along with secretion becomes imbalanced. Insulinresistances in youthful people are linked to obesity. The importantphrase from this book was found in page 137,

Childhood obesity is a major source of Diabetes type two, whichis a major cause of early deaths of youths.”

The above specific statement is an imperative evidence to confirm mythesis statement that Obesity is associated with death threateningdiseases such as diabetes. The above quoted statement is essential tocommunities because it informs them that obesity is leading cause ofdeath in juveniles hence the need to live a better lifestyle. It alsoteaches schools and families on the need to avoid fatty foods intheir diet and the importance of daily physical exercises forchildren. Hence, it is essential to prevent Obesity in early stagesof growth to avoid complications such diabetes type 2 and high bloodpressure, which eventually lead to death of young people. Thiseditorial is based on empirical evidence and therefore, it is areliable and credible source for my research. The data comprises manyassorted nations with their causes of diabetes type two. Thisresource is important for my research because it contains sufficientinformation on the diabetes and presents means to avoid and cureobesity in children.

Childhood Obesity Facts. (2015). Retrieved June 23, 2016, from

The source discuses what childhood obesity is along with its causes.It as well explains the dangers together with complications a childmay develop when in their obesity state. Such complications includediabetes type two, which is a long time effect of obesity. Itadditionally talks about the need to avoid obesity in early years ofa person and the methods used to prevent the disease. The editorialoffers me with information about what ailments an individual maydevelop when he/she becomes obese. The article also gives meinformation of how people end up being obese in childhood. Thepowerful sentence from this article is from the section named “HealthEffects of Childhood Obesity” line 1, which I quote

Obese youth are more likely to have risk factors forcardiovascular disease, such as high cholesterol or high bloodpressure. In a population-based sample of 5- to 17-year-olds, 70% ofobese youth had at least one risk factor for cardiovascular disease.”

This statement is in line with my thesis statement that obesity islinked to diabetes type two and cardiovascular ailment. Thissentence is very influential because it will help the readers and thesociety know that obesity is life threatening because it causescatastrophic complications that leads to death, hence the need toprevent it.

This article will be helpful in my research since it talks about theshort and long term effects of obesity and how to prevent overweightin children.


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