Chapter 6 Question 1



Deforestationis one of the ways that man has impacted negatively on the health ofthe environment. Cutting down of trees has led to drying up of watersources and drought.

Pollutionis also another way that has led to detrimental effects on theenvironment. Man releases health hazard products to the environment,like plastics, scrap metal, greenhouse gasses, and certain liquidswith threatening the life living organism.

Miningand use of certain energy sources have also led to aversive effectson the environment.


Pollutiontakes many forms air pollution is caused by a variety of actionswithin the environment. It may result from mining the dust producedin the mining sites and the smoke impact negatively on the air webreathe. Exhaust fumes, from industries, vehicles, and other energysources, also have a negative effect on the air that we breathe. Thefumes are loaded with greenhouse gasses, which can lead to asthma,acidic rain, and global warming.


Oneof the environmental pollutants is plastic. Plastic bottles, forinstance, have a direct effect of making the environment dirty.Careless disposal interferes with the natural beauty of theenvironment. Similarly, some people burn the plastics instead ofrecycling thus, leading to air pollution. Plastic bottles may alsoclog water channels.


Mostdiseases, today, are as a result of environmental pollution. Asthmais caused by the polluted air we breathe and the germs when theysettle in the respiratory system. Scientists have also related globalwarming with Malaria prevalence they assert that mosquitoes thrivein the warm environment. The increase in temperatures, coupled withpoor drainage systems, has provided a breeding atmosphere formosquitoes.


Mypersonal initiative towards the environment will include consumptionof eco-friendly energy sources. I will use solar energy rather thanpetrol. I will also keep the environment clean by proper disposal,the collection of garbage, recycling, and planting of trees.