Chapter 5 Question 1



Factoryfarming is the rearing of animals in controlled settings to meet thedemands of the market. The growth hormones are stimulated withinjections that have steroids and hormones. These conditions have ledto many concerns in the health sector. The settings have led toincreased emission of greenhouse gasses as well as several illnesses,like cancer, which individuals are made susceptible to as a result ofconsuming such products.


Numeroushealth complications have been attributed to fast foods. Forinstance, obesity is a global issue when it comes to fast foodconsumption. In most cases, blood pressure, heart attacks and otherchronic conditions result from obesity. Fast food has also increasedcancer cases among people generally, fast food is unhealthy to ourhealth.


Withglobalization, the flow of food products and raw materials has beenmade easier, between boundaries. The smooth flow has reduced chancesof having safe food in many countries. It is much difficult to putup structures to regulate the safety food flowing between boundaries.The safety is further implicated by the inability, of the importingcountries, to investigate how the products were grown and processedin the native countries. Increased food related illnesses andpoisoning are some of the effects of globalization in the foodsector.


GMOis an abbreviation for the Genetically Modified Organisms. Throughgenetic engineering, certain genetic setups in the organisms aremodified to enhance growth or create resistance. These organisms areconsidered unhealthy for human consumption, and they include tomatoesthat have been modified to reduce the softening process, potatoes,strawberries, kales, and soya beans.


Thebest way to deal with food safety is to check on the production.Every sphere should adopt the organic way of producing food. This isthe use of natural methods rather than the artificial ways, like theuse of pesticides, steroids, fertilizers, and even stimulatinghormones.