Business Related Study

BusinessRelated Study


Accordingto the results obtained from the estimation of the self-esteem, thenumber of the victims with positive self-esteem was higher than whenit was before 8 weeks of programs. The 10 individuals increased theirrate of self-esteem after the program. This, therefore, means thatthe 8 week program increased their self-esteem by educating adadvising them on the how to manage the matter. This caused them toboost their self-esteem in a larger proportion. The fact that thepopulation taken for the task was small and manageable, it becomeseasy to ensure that all the individuals understand the matter. Sincethe individuals were inclusive of both the men and women, both sidesof the conflicts are represented during the program as the mattersare handled thus ensuring no point is left untouched during quenchconflict solving. This leads to a better understanding of the matterand a neutral solution being obtained. John concluded from the studythat working with a small population in the program is too muchbeneficial and somehow easy to manage. The program is so essential inimproving the self-esteem of which this is true since the numberbefore the program was much lower than after 8 week program.

Inanother part, the results obtained when only women were taken for theprogram the number of women with self-esteem was lower than expected.Although the aim was to elevate the self-esteem in them, it wascontroversial since the population was too large to facilitateeffective education so as to boost the self-esteem of the women. Ontop of it, only women were taken for the program. Most likely theyhad only one side of the matter. They lacked the perspective of menconcerning the matter something that impaired the hypothesis. Inconclusion, john concluded that too large affects the hypothesissince it is associated with ineffective communication of the matterto the individual. Also using one party to build self-esteem istricky and can lead to one not achieving the goal aiming at.

Asalready explained above, large size becomes hard to manage the testone is carrying out. It may lead to the jeopardizing of the intendedresults and thus the outcomes. (&quotHowTo Determine Sample Size, Determining Sample Size&quot, 2016) Whenusing a larger sample size a more comprehensive form should beemployed to ensure that the aim is attained. If not, the aim cannotbe attained at all. Since different sample size can bring aboutdifferent results and outcomes even when same practice is carriedout, it are, therefore, important to plan for these. The planninginvolves aspects like the facilities to be used, strategies that areneeded to be employed. (&quot3.3.3.3.Selecting Sample Sizes&quot, 2016) Planningis essential as it ensures that at the end of the training, everybodyhas benefited from it. All the miscommunications are withdrawn in allindividual thus bring in the aspect of ensuring that the aim isattained. Therefore planning is an essential key to being consideredfor any sample size.


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