Budget Description

Apple Inc. has been a publicly traded corporation for more than adecade now. The company files the Form 10-K and Form 10-Q with theSecurities Exchange Commission. It releases the quarterly and annualfinancial reports to the public. The financial year is a 53 or 54week period that ends in the month of September. The stock is tradedunder the symbol AAPL on the NASDAQ stock exchange market. Beginningthe current financial year, the corporation had a close total of26,000 shareholders and had paid over $ 11 billion in dividends.Currently, the share is at $97.14. Apple Inc. financials include theincome statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statements. Thefinancial ratios are also produced.

The financials are done in comparison to the last five years, from2011 to the previous financial annual year, 2015. The net sales andnet income have been steadily rising. The operating income togetherwith the additional income/expenses items makes up the net income ofoperations. Such income has been increasing over that period. Thecompany has grown and developed in that period. The selling,administrative and research and development expenses being undertakenby the company have increased the total operating expenditure. Thetotal cash, its equivalents, market securities, and the total assetshave grown. Similarly, the total long and medium-term debts,obligations and liabilities have been growing. The stock share hasbeen steady, and the earnings per share, basic or diluted have beenincreasing. The cash dividends declared per share by the board ofdirectors has also been increasing. The total shareholders’ equityhas been rising though had fallen in the previous financial year.

In the year 2015, the sales of iPad, Mac, and services provided byApple Inc. have been decreasing. The trend could be associated withthe longer repurchasing cycle or the cannibalization of the salesfrom other products from the same company such as the iPhone (Som, &ampBlanckaert, 2015). The decline has however been upset by the higheroverall sales of, the newer products thus the net sales of thecompany have not declined. Apple Inc. investors have raised concernsregarding the issuee. However, the company is taking measures to keepup with the competition. The research and development department hasbeen working to produce appealing products to the consumers. Becauseof the same, company sales have been able to surpass the previousyear’s sales records.

The corporation is taking measures in the marketing and salesdepartment to ensure that the products are selling to cover for theexpenses incurred. The allocation of funds to the department has beenincreasing over the years to ensure that the products manufactured bythe company meet the evolving preferences of the customers. The netsales of the products have a chance to continue improving. Thepreferences of customers continue changing, and the increasingcompetition has influenced sales of the products. To counter suchconcerns, the company has to produce products in line with customerpreferences. The financial record will mainly affect the shareholderssince the dividends are as prescribed by the Boards of Directors.Employees have the mandate to suggest solutions to the problemsfacing the company and the concerns on products can be mitigated byproviding better-preferred products. However, as an employee, theimpact of the report is significant since it provides an idea of thefinancial standing of the organization. The overall performance coulddictate the remuneration of an employee and the incentives they aregiven.


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