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Brandingis a marketing process that involves the creation of a unique nameand image for an individual product or service, in the mind of aconsumer, and mainly takes place through publicity promotions thathave a constant theme. The primary objective of branding is toestablish a brand loyalty with the customer and that can only be doneby having a significant and differentiated presence in the market.Branding has a high value for both the seller and the buyer (Joanne2004, p.407).

Valueof Branding

Brandingas a marketing strategy has great value for both the consumer and theretailer. Branding aligns the dealers` advertisements and promotionalactivities, determining the seller`s locus and strong point of theircomplete marketing outline. Branding a product brings internal andexternal advantages as well. Outwardly, branding enables a retailerto create an identity that resonates with buyers as well as formingan emotional relationship with buyers. Brand loyalty is significantbecause buyers do not buy products logically, they do so according tothe relationship that they have with the seller. For the consumer,the brand helps as an interior scope of emphasis, helping to directthe business on where it should go. The value of branding to thebuyer is seen by the trust and the confidence that it generates andthe respect that the consumer reasons they will get by consuming it(Joanne 2004, p.411).

HowI Would Go about Developing a Brand for Board Portal Software

Boardportals are software tools that serve the purpose of helping thestaff of a company to create and manage documents as well as helpingin sharing, reading, and annotating board books. I am also aware thatgood board portal software can bridge the distance and unite thediverse members of the board by making it tranquil to present,evaluate and remark on information. I do understand that to develop agood brand is a matter of having in mind the requirements needed andthe budget available. Before developing a brand for board portalsoftware, I would take into some main issues such as the budgetavailable and the requirements of the client. This will ensure thatthe product I come up with is customized hence, suitable to theneeds and wants of the client. The simple trick for developing abrand for board portal software is to make sure that it suits theneeds of the target company since each company has its own proceduresand strategies. If the budget is small, the board portal will have afew details and vice versa. Small companies also do not needcomplicated board portals, since they do not have a lot of staffmembers (Knox 2003, 1003).

Waysof Promoting Brand Loyalty and their Effectiveness

Someeffective ways of promoting a brand loyalty include ensuringhigh-quality products and services, engaging with customers,providing value, staying relevant, and showing appreciation.Production of high-quality products plays a great role in promoting abrand and encouraging loyalty since it is such quality that bringsand keeps the consumers. Engaging with consumers is also anothereffective way of building a brand since consumers will come back tothe business if they feel that they are part of the business. Theonly way consumers can feel that they are part of a business is beingengaged (Mudambi 2002, p.528). Staying relevant is the trickiest partsince it means that the business must be ready to adapt to newchanges in the market. Staying relevant means that a business willseek to adapt to changes in the market so that it can provide thenecessities and wants of consumers. These brand promotion ways areeffective as they create a good relationship between the seller andthe buyer.

WhyClients Prefer a No-Brand Name Pc and Evaluation of Price Issue

Inthe case of personal computers, a customer may prefer no-brand-namepersonal computer due to issues such as pricing and quality.Well-known brands may be highly priced and yet having poor qualitythan non-branded computers. For example some brand names such asapple can cost a lot but at the end it does not meet the requirementsthat the client wants (Joanne 2004, p.410).


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