Thereis nothing more beautiful than watching a child play and if there isanything that I have learned about children, is that they are curiousbeings. They just want to try new things. This is an account of agirl named .

Iam left alone with who tries to play with her teddy beardoll one thing is for sure, a smile never leaves her face despiteher loneliness. After a short span of time, she loses interest in thebear and tries to play with her balls. A car passes by, and shestarts to shout “car, car, car” calling her dad to see it too.

Theseeing of the car excites her to a point she walks near the fence toget a clear look. After that episode passes, she relaxes on the grasspicking them quietly until she sees her friends, almost her age. Thatexcites her more and immediately she goes to play with them.

Whilethey are playing, they seem jovial oblivious of what is going around.Here one thing is certain, she is relaxed and feels more at home. Thechildren could run around innocently, share toys you can say theywere socializing and bonding.

Mostof the things they do while playing are probably what they have seenin TVs or from their family members. I also realized that despitetheir ages, there seems to be one who is in control, but that doesnot mean that they should not be closely supervised.


Whena child is playing alone, there is a likelihood he/she will loseconcentration on what he/she is doing and might get bored.Furthermore, it is easy for the child to be distracted by theenvironment she is in. On the other hand, when children playtogether, rarely do they notice what is happening around, and theyseem more jovial as they share toys and play together thus theyshould be closely monitored.


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