Bible and Nursing


Bibleand Nursing

Essentially,Genesis chapter three talks about the origin of sins among humanbeings. The chapter explores how man disobeyed the instructions givenby God – by eating fruits from the tree of life. The section furtherexplores the human’s punishment for the disobedience. The episodenotes that that God commanded man out of the Garden of Aden after hebreached the commandment. Secondly, He gave an insight on thesuffering that humans, both male and female, were going to face intheir lives. The doctrine contained in the chapter highlights thegenesis of challenges and suffering that people encounter in theirlives. It helps in understanding the requirements of humankind inleading comfortable lives, although their effort does not preventthem from suffering. Women not only experience pain duringchildbearing, but also face challenges in bringing up their children.On their part, males are required to toil to earn a better living.

Fromthe text, we learn that humans have to look for solutions to thechallenges they face. In their status, people experience physical,emotional, and social difficulties (Genesis: 22-24), among others.The conditions that cause suffering in the body include diseases.Nonetheless, God has given us an opportunity to use our knowledge tofind cure and solutions to our sufferings. The text has greatsignificance to nursing profession in that we cannot ignore theimportance of medicine in curing diseases. Another notable point isthat people cannot run away from diseases as God stated in the Bible.Moreover, we should not allow ourselves to suffer because of ourreligious and cultural beliefs, yet God allowed us to acquire theknowledge to differentiate between good and evil.


NewRevised Standard Version (NRSV): Genesis 3