“Beyond Fear” Summary, Analysis and Response

“BeyondFear”: Summary, Analysis and Response

GaranceFranke-Ruta is a former editor of TheAmerican Prospectwhose works have featured in various international news blogs andjournals. Her work entitled, “BeyondFear”is an article that talks about a young lady who stood up and ownedher thoughts on the United States invasion of Iraq, making someoutrageous statements about the president of the United States. Theauthor goes further to make a satirical comparison on what theeffects of such utterances would have been supposing they were fromone of the reputable media outlets in the country.

Thearticle presents a summary of the way such remarks find their wayinto the media and subsequent reporting. The article also gives acollection of statements, such as the world has never been less safearguing that they are like a forewarning of the consequences ofcertain actions taken by the political class. The author suggeststhat certain things can be prevented if the political class andleadership are ready to listen to the input made by the ordinarycitizens in some of the decisions that they make affecting the nationas a whole. The story summarizes the September 11 tragedy, 9.11anniversaries through a play raising critical questions, and lessonsas well.

Thecreated fictional approach serves well to offer a wider picture ofwhat typically happens during such attacks making people expand theirscope of thinking on the same and find ways of responding in thefuture. In essence, the article calls for individual responsibilityto ensure the general good of the nation as a whole, which impliesthat everyone has a role to play in ensuring the security of thecountry.


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