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June 19, 2016

Mr. Antonio Calcado,


Rutgers University,

1000 Kimathi Avenue,

Kinshasa city km 07351


Dear Mr. Calcado

Numbers of individuals who do not participate in voting have been onthe increase in the University of Rutgers. The main problems thatprevent students from voting include distance covered to the pollingstation and lack of time to participate in the event. Notably, alarge number of students sponsor themselves in the university byengaging in business activities and this contributes to the failureof students to participate in the process. Therefore, this has a badimpact on the overall result after the polling process. Research hasshown that there are situations, which exist that hinderparticipation of the student in the polling process. Some of thesituations include corruption, tribal discrimination and favor casesto some individuals contesting for different elective seats. Hence,people should be educated on the importance of voting and choosingtheir leaders. They should also be educated on precautionary measureson how to manage any bad situation, which might arise during theelectoral process. Due to the increase in the indulgence of criminalactivities by the students, many university institutions,precautionary measures do not help to settle the matter. This has ledto continued increase of citizens not participating in choosingdifferent leaders of government by casting their votes. The number ofindividuals who do not participate continues to increasesignificantly.

Importance of Installing Polling Stations

According to statistics taken by the protective agencies, the UnitedStates of America has many students at the university level but onlya few participate in the polling process. Due to industrialization inthe modern world, it is now easy for the students of RutgersUniversity to engage in income generating activities such as tradeand the provision of services in order to satisfy their needs. Theseactivities require time and concentration of the student. Theinstallation of polling stations at points convenient to the studentswill help to counter the problem of students failing to participatein the whole process as it will save on time and also transportationcosts. The university has the obligation to initiate measures thatwill enable easier access to the polling centers to facilitatemaintenance of the average participant. An increased number ofparticipants advocates for proper utilization of available resources.For instance, installation of the polling station is mostly locatedin remote point within the locale. Installation of the pollingstation in the university would have a great effect on theenvironmental changes and leadership. Determination of the leaderwould be a fair process among the student in the university. Theexistence of the distant polling centers led to the poor choice ofthe leaders since only a few people participated in the elections.Members in power are able to influence the result according to theirwill. The emergence of few numbers of people for the electionexercise would lead to deviation of opinion. Where there is a lowvoters’ turn up, incumbent leaders can be voted into power.Therefore, insufficient polling stations can be termed as aproblematic.

Accessibility of Polling Stations

The Rutgers University needs to increase the number of pollingstations in the university to enable students to cast their voteswithin the campus. In order to help those students who are notfamiliar with places outside the campus, they need to set a pollingstation within the campus. The polling station should be in a placethat will be easily accessible by the students. When the pollingstations are in place, students should be entitled to permission tocarry out a pre-visit so that they can be able to familiarizethemselves with the places around and within the polling station.However, the polling ethics and polling location questions can bedirected to a website that should be created specifically for solvingpolling stations problems. Rutgers University should also increasethe polling hours to cope with the increased number of students inthe university. In addition, they can introduce a system where voterscan vote via mail. They can create another website that will holdstudents names on the campus. They can also consult government to aidin installing polling stations.

Funding the Project

School administration with the help of the government wants to fundthis project of establishing polling stations. The patron should setaside money to buy polling ballots that will enhance efficiency andtransparency of votes cast. They will also employ agents who willeducate students on the importance of voting. Students will beencouraged to vote for the president of their choice without anyobjection. The government will also aid in installing pooling stationespecially to help those who are disabled. The administration hasrealized that disabled people are less engaged in the election thanany other group and the main reason is a lack of polling stations.There is a danger that, if disabled are disengaged from the politicalsystem in the campus, they will lose their voice in the decisionsthat affect their lives. For that reason, Rutgers University willwork with the government to ensure a polling station for disabled isinstalled in the universities. This will encourage disabled to voteand feel they are part and parcel of the university. Moreover,government law recognizes the particular challenge of transportingpolling ballots to the university during the election. Additionally,the government will also fund the cost of installing polling stationsand hiring experts to educate students on how to vote.

To curb with polling issue in the university, the first solutionshould entail the creation of awareness among the people in thesociety. Most of the American people do not recognize the need ofnumerous existences of the polling stations. This is due to lack ofadequate knowledge concerning the situation and the negative effects.Further integration should be encouraged among the members of thesociety through the introduction of an education system that coversand creates awareness among members. The introduction of the systemwill eradicate students’ negative mindset in relation to thecurrent governance. I compiled this letter to you since you are thepatron of this school. As the patron of this school, you are mostlyinvolved in university activities that occur. You are mandated withthe responsibility of ensuring students maintain a high level ofmorality and behavior. Your decision is final and every stakeholderhas the responsibility to adhere to your commands and directions(Schurz 131). Not only for your school awareness benefit but also asit will lead to a reduction of occurrence of harmful effects such asviolence. For instance, your school is far away from the pollingstation.

This may result in a great damage in case of occurrence of adisagreement. It is always a wise idea to prevent the occurrence ofsome situations rather than try to cure the effects. In the past,there has been the occurrence of such situations such as those thatoccurred in the east of Atlantic. The result caused a devastatingeffect, which leads to the destruction of properties. Moreover, theschool was closed for a long period and their education was affected.The situation leads to loss of quality education and money used forthe payment of the lecturers. This raised an alarm to educate thestudents in the current generation on how to prevent the occurrenceof the same violence in the future. To enable fulfillment of theinitiative, an introduction of a program that creates awareness ofthe importance of multiple polling stations should be introduced inthe University to facilitate accessibility.

During my interaction with the school environment, I realized thatthe school has no polling stations that serve the comrades. Followingan internal research carried out, it is evident that the school hasnever had any program related to proper governance. Therefore, thestudents lack the knowledge on the light on the importance of havinga polling station in the institution. The program should aid thestudents to understand dangers of poor governance in the universitythat contributed to choosing poor leaders who would lead them forsome years before the next election. The program will cover properresource management and integrated policies applicable to facilitatebudget control. The budget for the program ranges from forty-fivedollars to fifty-five dollars. The program does not solely depend onthe provision of the school but also the success of it relies on thecontribution from the student, parents, and the faculty.

Environmental Conditions

There are controversial issues in relation to the installation of apolling station within the university. To begin with, this would helpsave on time taken in vote casting as well as saving on thetransportation cost. Scientists are currently conducting a consensusto evaluate whether sustainability of the proper governance is in anyway related to human activities. In their research, they have notedthat human activities greatly influence governance. In other words,your vote is your voice. According to the research, it is clear thatnumerous polling stations make the election process smooth andeffective. A smooth and effective electoral process is one that aimsat reducing congestion in the polling stations and reducing on costs,which on the other hand are brought about by the establishment ofmore polling stations. According to Diamante (p 36-38) there is agreat relation between the environmental condition and thegovernance. Industrialization continues to increase significantly anddifferent results have been recorded which are varying. Therefore,the effect of the polling station installation to the university willoccur after a long duration of time.

Efforts concerning sustainability of the polling station should beemphasized. Students need to know various aspects such asdifferentiated leadership among others. Proper management ofuniversity facilities minimizes chances of occurrence of violence. Ithas come to my realization that installation programs should beintroduced in the school. The program would entail stages and shouldinvolve combined efforts. A general presentation of the idea shouldbe introduced to the students and view their comment and proposals.The main objective of the project includes the creation of awarenessamong the university students and their personal influence towardpolling. A survey should be conducted before the initial commencementof the program. This survey should have set goals, which they shouldbe discovering. Such expectations should be like how many citizensaccept the proposed project, how long will the program will berunning. This will enable the establishment of the schedule that willfavor the progression. The program will have minimal or nointerference with normal running of the school activities. The secondstage will involve the creation of awareness among the staff andbuild a foundation of healthy living. This will encourage more peopleto be involved in activities that will influence positive attitude inour lives. The last stage will involve the implementation of theinstallation process. Rewards will emerge as a token for those whowill effectively participate to make the program a success.

The location where people from this university can vote from isusually a long distance to cover. This becomes a main challenge tothe individual searching for votes and the number of the cast votes.A low turn up of citizens during election period become moreworrying. Research has proved that the number of votes lost due tothis factor is significantly big. Some of the universities havestarted to emulate the change and I would emphasize the change tohave an impact on many institutions. Some of the students have somechallenges that would hinder them from casting their votes. Somestudents have disabilities and they are unable to travel for longdistances (Poll). These students feel denied their right to vote fortheir appropriate leaders. Many of these people, who do not vote,tend to imagine that they were chosen for leaders instead of votingin their own. In some cases, students may be exposed to unfavorableenvironmental conditions, which are a risk to their health statushence they feel insecure to interact with the environment. Therefore,this act refrains participation of individuals from most of thepublic projects such as choosing their leaders.

Installation of the polling station at the institution willfacilitate the involvement of the student in government matters. Forinstance, more people will be engaged in politics and mattersconcerning the nation as a whole (Redlawsk 467). The polling stationwill facilitate mobilization of the student by politicians in orderto gather more votes. Their worries will be solved since theinstitution will be considered as a source of power. It will enablemore people to secure employment in the course of the motion. It willenable them to understand the government better. The institution willbe considered more useful and gain more favors from the government.Students will be able to trust government functions andresponsibilities. Members will be able to access the governmentofficials easily.

Effect of Polling Stations

All students who have the right and ability to vote are affected bythis problem. Research shows that the population of the affectedindividuals who are unable to exercise their right of voting is largewithin the university. This problem can only be eliminated throughthe installation of polling stations at the Rutgers University. Thereason why young people from Rutgers University have faced worstgovernment policies is a lack of enough polling stations in theuniversity. Besides, students from Rutgers University belong to onecounty while other universities belong to different counties. Thiswill further complicate student’s representation in counties ifthey lack enough polling stations, especially in county offices. Lackof voting in Rutgers University is also a big challenge to universitypopulation and government can help financially to purchase votingbooths. Installing voting booths will help those students who are notin a position to access polling station outside the university toexercise the voting right within the university. Furthermore, thiswill have a greater impact on many students who live within theuniversity will be able to exercise their rights to vote.

Most of the students have been left behind in exercising theirvoting rights due to lack of enough polling stations in theuniversity. Although there are polling stations outside theuniversity, there are students who are not familiar with theoutskirts of the university hence making them miss out in the votingprocess, which is crucial for all citizens. Many students fromuniversity have expressed their concern with the ability to accesstheir voting location due to lack of transport. Many voters from theuniversity could not even walk to the polling stations, which areoutside university because there is no footbridge for a walk topolling stations. Still, voters without cars and those with limitedmobility could be unable to access voting outside a polling station.With high numbers of students who have rights and ability to vote,university needs to help with voting facilities.

Establishment of polling stations

Higher learning institutions with the help of the electoralmanagement body in the country, have established polling stations inthe universities. This has enabled students to take part in anelection process. University has made consultation with the electionmanagement body to set up a polling station at the university. Thiswill allow students who may not be able to access polling station tovote within the university. To encourage a larger figure of voterturn up, A number of universities have installed polling stations andare already experiencing a positive impact. A good example isuniversities like Oxford’s Rothemere institute, which has a pollingstation. In order to set up a polling station that will have apositive impact on the people intended, they would need to dobenchmarking on what development worked during the developmentprocess. They will visit other institution like Oxford`s RothermereAmerican Institute (RAI) where they will gain knowledge oninstallation of the polling station. They will note downdevelopmental process used by Oxford`s Rothermere American Institute(RAI) that they will implement in developing their polling station.The establishment of these stations will help to save on time andminimize transportation costs incurred by students in their movementto the polling station.

The Plan

Plans for the establishment of the polling station in the universitywere laid out in a manner that will not inconvenience the operationsof the university lectures and the other programs. The governmentwill offer professionals to set up polling stations with the help ofRutgers university administration. Rutgers University will also fundproject financially to ensure the completion of the project and willpositively help the students. There have been plans to educatestudents who are not experienced to vote. Experts from the governmentwill be used to educate students and help and encourage them to votewithin the university. Voting within the university will be moreconvenient to the student as it will minimize their time and willfavor students who are not familiar with outskirts of the university.In order to prevent the installation plan from interfering withschool activities, the installation process will be done on weekendswhen there are no lectures in progress.

The Electoral management body in conjunction with the universityadministration will meet the price of establishing the pollingstation. The government will incur the highest amount according tothe plan. The government will provide polling booths, skilledofficials to educate students also, it will meet the cost of hiringlaborers. University administration will provide materials needed toconstruct the polling stations and also a strategic place where thepolling station will be set up. Cost sharing of the project betweenthe university administration and government will reduce the burdenof installation.

It is my hope that you find it enjoyable reading the entire letter.It is my sincere hope that the letter has an impact on your life andyour view towards the governance. I trust that you will allow runningof the program in you school. I believe that unity is strength andworking together as a team, will lead us to perfection. If for anyinstance you have a question contact me and I will give you afeedback.

According to reports, which were recorded by the police on securitymatters of the university, the government tried to persuade thepublic that all was well and secure. The security of theseinstitutions has increased drastically and many agencies areinvesting in these learning centers to avoid unnecessary attack byterrorists as the students prepare for elections. An oralpresentation will take place on 2 June this year at the students’center.

I would like to express my gratitude to you for your continuedsupport and patience with me. Thank you.

Yours faithfully

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