Article summary On the Uses a Liberal Arts Education by Mark Edmundson

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Articlesummary: Onthe Uses a Liberal Arts Educationby Mark Edmundson

Authoredby Mark Edmundson, “Onthe Uses a Liberal Arts Education”the article criticizes students in colleges by highlighting his viewwith regard to the dwindling or fading interest of students towards aLiberal Arts Education. According to the author, he argues that theuniversity education has been stained with the idea of consumerstudents, i.e., the university has become the supplier and theeducation as the product. With this idea, he concludes that theuniversities are in for student money other than focusing on offeringthe best of education in terms of quality. This is on the line withthe view of what is happening to the universities as well as the typeof students being produced by the institutions. More so, the authorwho himself is a teacher focuses on the evaluation response from thestudents, and despite the responses being good, he is not comfortablewith them. He is for the idea that, Mark calls it the students arejust the consumers (&quotOn the Uses of a Liberal Education”).

Inaddition, the author has highlighted the issue of lack of emotion andpassion from the students as they aren’t interested in liberal artsdue to their affiliation to having varying options that are offeredby the universities. Students do not view liberal arts as a path toan ultimate goal when it comes to their career. Edmundson views thework of universities is making clones as their main interest ismaking money, and in turn, he criticizes the marketing strategiesthat are adopted by the universities. In summary, the author(Edmundson) has pointed out different points that contribute to hisaccount with regard to the issue of education quality and technology.One is his misgivings with reference to the teacher reviews as theyare given by the students. Education has been reduced to an aspect ofproducer and consumer relations. Secondly, liberal arts are sufferingdue to the vast spread of consumer worldwide. On the other, he isdiscouraged by the presence of ‘consumer students’ in theclassroom. Comparing science and English the author is the idea that,there is GPA inflation, which has been done to remain attractive, anapproach that has led to the decrease of education quality. The essayends with the changes as Edmundson promises his own conformitypledging to adopt what would make his class a better place, and hisstudents think on another level (&quotOn the Uses of a LiberalEducation”). He will not worry about evaluation anymore, but ratherfocus on changing his teaching style, but instead, be controversialand provide a solid education.

Withregard, the article by Mark, the link between educations can hardlybe ignored. It is a positive development to have the two aspectstogether. However, there ought to have an effective balance betweeneducation and technology adoption. When there is a working balancebetween education and technology, there will a positive developmentin terms of education quality and student participation. However,failure to draw the line and find a balance between the two factors(education and technology) the result is poorly constructededucation system with less quality. With the vast technologicaldevelopment, it is hard to ignore the impact of technology ineducation, and in turn balancing the two is the only way out toachieve the best in terms of education quality and technology.Technology on one side has tremendously improved my knowledge, buteducation equally plays an important role in people’s lives as theycannot live without it.

Oneaspect that can be drawn from that article is the vast adoption oftechnology, which in turn has led to an overreliance by students intheir class work. The quality of education should be the primaryfocus of the education system, and in turn measures and strategiesought to be implemented towards the improvement of education qualityin the universities. In conclusion, the article is an ideal one forevery person concerned with the state of education in theuniversities. More so, I would advocate for people or people involvedwith the education system as it is a perfect show of how thesituation has changed in the universities with regard to the qualityof education and how technology has greatly impacted educationdelivery.


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