Article Analysis



Thepurpose of Howard’s article is to create awareness of genderidentity. The article discusses four ways of understanding andthinking about gender identity. It illustrates the different theoriesand processes of social construction, structure and how they providea full comprehension of contemporary gender identities. The authorfocuses on enabling the reader to gain knowledge on the developmentof an individual, and the social aspects that play a part in buildinga person’s gender identity.

Heelaborately discusses four theories of sociological perspective ongender identity and how they are developed. In Markus’s article,Whoam I, theauthor talks about the components that build a person’s identity,self-perspective and sociological perception. Both articles statethat identify that gender identity is a combination of oneself andthe society at large. In Howard, essentialism, one of the fourperspectives summarizes the concepts of gender identity based onnatural sex. It shows how one’s own being builds an identity. Theother three summarize the sociological standpoints on gender identityand show how various social aspects play a role in developing theissue.

Storiesof people and research conducted on the topic are used to support thethesis. For instance, Howard’s article states the sources of thestories used to base the article

Theseexcerpts from literary, newspaper and academic sources illustratefour distinct ways of thinking about gender identity.

Theauthor concludes by stating that characters are formed by humanbeings but continually within prevalent normative and structuralconditions. The authors have successfully elaborated the concept ofgender identity and the impact it has had on the overall society. Itis an indication of the informative aspect of the articles on theselected topic.


Kanagawa,C., Cross, S. E., &amp Markus, H. R. (2001). “Who am I?” Thecultural psychology of the conceptual self.&nbspPersonalityand Social Psychology Bulletin,&nbsp27(1),90-103.