Applying Narrative and Solution-Focused Therapy


ApplyingNarrative and Solution-Focused Therapy


  1. Definition of the Problem

Basedon the video, it can be observed that there are a number of maritalproblems that the couples are going through. For example, in thevideo labeled ‘irreconcilabledifference’(hosted by Insoo Kim Berg), it can be observed that the families tendto undergo via serious problems. In the video, it can be observedthat Bill and Leslie have been married for seven years and have twochildren. Their first born is five and the second born is threeyears. Besides, the two couples are very busy because both of themare employed in different companies. Bill work as an Attorney in abig law firm where he specializes mostly on issues of taxation andauditing. On the other hand, Leslie works as a consumer servicedirector in a big telephone communication company. Leslie is feelingthat her husband is not taking his responsibility as a man. Instead,he spends most of his time with her female clients. His wife Leslieis complaining that her husband, Bill, spends most of the time withfemale whom she suspects are not his client’s but female friends(, 1994). Itcan also be observed that Bill was previously married and had a sonfrom the past marriage, Leslie fills that the husband does not havetime even to take their son from school. However, Leslie acknowledgesthat her husband provides financial support to the son but does nothave a chance to see him. Besides, Leslie felt the work isoverwhelming for her because taking care of the little children, andhouse chaos is quite overwhelming. Their main issue lies in the lackof time to help each other with family work such as taking care ofthe children. The second issue is that Leslie feels that her husbandis unfaithful given that she spends most of the time with the femaleclient. She further suspects that the reason for breaking up of hisprevious marriage may be attributed to lack of time for the family aswell as unfaithfulness (, 1994).

  1. A Theory-Based Treatment Plan Including Short

The formulated theory basedtreatment may be as follows

  1. Solution Focused Therapy Treatment Plan

The best theory treatmentmay be solution focused therapy treatment. Insoo Kim Berg suggestedthat Solution Focus Therapy is appropriate because it allows theclients to express their problem. Such expression is imperativebecause they are the expert to their problem which in return allowsthe therapist to suggest the best solution to their problem.

  1. Short-Term Goals

To allow couple understandstheir main problem is a lack of time and look forward to creatingmore time with their family. Secondly, to promote faithfulness, andtransparency among the couple (, 1994).

  1. Long Term Goals

Tocreate a schedule plan that will give a couple of adequate timestogether especially over the weekend so that they can have a realtime with their family. Secondly, establish proper communicationchannels so that the couple can freely express their feelings anddissatisfaction towards each other. Thirdly, to have a home timetableso that each couple can have a duty roster to execute family chaosand take care for their school going kids (, 1994).c). Two Theory-BasedInterventions I Would Use Thetwo theories namely Solution Focused Therapy and Narrative Approachesare similar in the sense that they both emphasize on the lives of theclients and attribute to see how the problem is associated with theirlives. They also help to ensure that there is an equal distributionof powers between the family/couple. Based on my intervention, I willuse Solution Focused therapy because it gives the couples a chance toexpress their problem which consequently helps to come up with themost feasible solution to the problem (, 1994). d). One Anticipated Outcome ofEach Theanticipated results are that the couple will have adequate time foreach other. Besides, the problem of neglected duties andunfaithfulness will be addressed making the family leave in lovepeace and harmony (Allyn &amp Bacon, 2002).


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