Agreeing with Sherry Turkle

Agreeingwith Sherry Turkle

Inmy opinion, I agree with Sherry Turkle`s view of technology.Technology is essential in day to day life and should be put in itsplace in the society (Turkle 1). The use of technology needs to belimited in that it should not take the place of essential individualsin our life. Today, people spend a long time with gadgets more thanthey spend with friends and families. These people have been replacedand their physical presence is often assumed. Parents do not payattention to children and children have no time for one another. Thatway, in a group of individuals you find that all of them are invirtual world.

Accordingto Turkle, the greatest threat of technology is stealing individualcapacity to have conversations. You will discover that children bornin technological error prefer emails and text messages over realconversations. They claim that real conversation does not give roomfor deletion of what is said and that one cannot modify features suchas physical appearance and voice. In addition, such children lacksocial skills in that they become poor in making friends since theyare not in a position to sustain a real conversation. They learn toassume their vulnerability to loneliness and replace it with aconstant concentration on chats.

Inconclusion, it is true that advanced technology has stolen attentionon what matters. People have grown insecure with intimacy and theyhave replaced their feelings with a concentration in a virtual world.That way, people have forgotten the responsibility they have towardsunderstanding their friends and families as they spend a little timewith these people. In addition, the children born in the contemporaryworld have poor social skills and they cannot sustain realconversations with friends and families. Some people go to an extentof replacing people and children with robots forgetting that theserobots do not have feelings.


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