A research proposal on housing for the elderly

Aresearch proposal on housingfor the elderly


Aresearch proposal on housingfor the elderly

Housingfor the elderly


Theelderly who cannot support themselves seek refuge in communityhousings, boarding homes, and concrete housings. However, some ofthem prefer to remain in their homes and be taken care of from there(Hudson,2011).The issue requires attention because the elderly are many, and havevaried needs of care ranging from impairment to chronic diseases.

Purposeof the study

Thecore purpose of the research is to investigate how the elderly arehoused in Ukraine. It addresses the environments in which the elderlycan survive without abuse to enhance family integrity.

Reviewof Literature

Thestate of life care and congregate housing for the elderly in Ukrainehas been of great concern (Lipsitz,2005).The care given to the elderly in the life care facilities such ashousekeeping, meal preparation, and social services has not been anybetter(Eckert,2013).Additionally, the state of health care provision in the varioushousing facilities, and the affordability of the rent and servicesprovided is not at its best as well (Hyde,2014).Furthermore, there is a huge difference between community-based care(Hudson,2011),and the care provided in nursing homes for the elderly.

Inthe US, the MentalHealth First Aid (MHFA) is in charge of funding rental houses for theelderly. It gives proposals for the construction of houses withspecial facilities, and services that help enhance the life of theelderly patients (Hyde,2014).The life care-housing program gives the elderly a conduciveenvironment, which helps delay or eliminate the need to have theelders in nursing homes.

Methodsof research

Atour of one hundred community care facilities in Ukraine will beconducted, and interviews will be carried out on both the careproviders and the elderly(Hyde,2014).Book reviews will be conducted as secondary sources (Prokopenko,2013),to find out what facts are documented concerning housing for theelderly and the facility requirements (Zimmerman,Sloane, &amp Eckert, 2011).

Moreover,the research will involve both qualitative and quantitative methods.The qualitative methods employed will include observations (Finucane,Tieman, &amp Moane, 2012)of the elderly in the community-based care facilities andinterviewing them concerning their stay in the facilities(Park,Zimmerman, Sloane, Gruber-Baldini, &amp Eckert, 2015).The quantitative methods will involve giving the statistical andnumerical data concerning the number and distribution of the elderlyhousing facilities in Ukraine (Vasunilashorn,Steinman, Liebig, &amp Pynoos, 2012),the number of elders in each facility, the economic status of thebeneficiaries (Parker,2013),and the number of care providers within each facility.


Theresearch study will start on 26/6/2016 and end on 26/6/2017. This isto give sufficient time to visit the one hundred facilities. Theresearch will take one year to be accomplished.


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