A Critical Review of an Exhibition


ACritical Review of an Exhibition

Ienjoyed the exhibition because of the positive experiences that Ireceived. I was in a position to learn new things that I did not knowfrom history by visiting The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. Also, Ienjoyed the way in which the exhibition displayed its works.Different elements were stronger in the show for instance, themanner in which the show was organized and the time allowed for oneto be in the show room. This offered a positive view of theexhibition since different individuals could enjoy the displays. Theartworks displayed in the exhibition were understandable becausetheir titles were clearly shown, their dates, as well as the photosof the works. This provided a clear view and understanding of theexhibition provisions. In a way, the theme of the exhibition held theworks together because most of them were historical.

Fromthe exhibition, most of the displays were shown having text forinstance, Myfanwy Pavelic. In this artwork, there was text thatprovided information concerning Myfanwy. This was helpful in makingthe audience have a better understanding of it. Another work that wasaccompanied by text was Emily Carr in Her Studio. However, some worksin the exhibition were not accompanied by text. In the exhibition,the gallery staff played a significant role in providing backgroundinformation concerning the artworks.

Theintention of the artist emerges clearly in the artworks. Forinstance, in Myfanwy Pavelic In Mirror Door, the artist clearly showshis intention through text, where he indicates that he does not agreewith the portraits of Myfanwy considering her age and the time shehas studied. This clearly shows his intention concerning the displayhowever, this intention was not well depicted because the artist usedtext to negate what others think. I think this could have been donein a better way through bringing in another artwork that couldsupport or show his intention.

Insome works in the exhibition, there were no clear descriptions. Ithink there is a need to include a clear description so that it wouldbe easier for the audience to have an understanding without the helpof the exhibition staff. Also, it is important to edit some of theartworks in the exhibitions for instance, Myfanwy Pavelic In MirrorDoor so as to have a better illustration of the artwork. These wouldhave a positive impact on the exhibition as it would make it betterin terms of description and presentation.

Theenvironment in which the exhibition is located is well-suited for theaudience since it is accessible from any direction. This makes itwell-suited for the artworks show. The exhibition was interactivesince it provided information that I did not know. For instance, theinformation concerning Myfanwy was new and presented a challenge ofeven desiring to know more. The exhibition was aimed at individualsof all ages because there was no clause to indicate any age limit.This was evident from the individuals who were found in theexhibition they belonged to different age groups. Furthermore, theexhibition was accessible to people from varied backgrounds this wasclearly stated in the guidelines of the exhibition. Also, it could beevidenced from the individuals who visited the exhibition it waseasy to recognize individuals from different cultures.


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TheArt Gallery of Greater Victoria